City's Energy Action Plan

The City of Dublin has taken an important step in creating a more sustainable environment for future generations through the construction of solar panels, LED street lighting, irrigation upgrades in the City's parks, as well as efficiency improvements to its heating and cooling systems and interior and exterior lighting at City facilities.

In May 2011, with the help of Chevron Energy Solutions (Chevron ES), the City conducted an energy audit of all City facilities. From that audit, several recommendations were made for projects that would incorporate energy conservation measures as well as renewable energy options. Specifically, the Chevron ES evaluation covered the following types of energy efficiency and alternative energy measures:
  • Lighting fixtures and controls;
  • Building automation and controls;
  • Air handling systems;
  • Equipment modifications;
  • Heating, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC) replacement and/or upgrades;
  • Street lighting technologies;
  • Alternative energy production including photovoltaic systems and fuel cells; and
  • Water and irrigation systems.
Solar Panels
Energy Action Plan- Fiscal Benefits
The recommendations by Chevron ES were compiled into an Energy Action Plan (EAP). Implementation of the EAP is expected to provide immediate and long-term benefits to the City of Dublin including:
  • Providing more than 700 kW of clean renewable energy;
  • Reducing energy consumption by more than 2,200,000 kWh per year;
  • Utility/maintenance expense reductions of over $560,000 per year;
  • Over $14.8 million in savings to the City over 25 years;
  • Capturing $277,795 in one-time rebates;
  • Capturing $446,599 in California Solar Initiative incentives;
  • Savings of over $67,000 in water costs annually without estimating increases; and
  • Reduction of 1,920 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions within the City annually.
It is anticipated that the Energy Action Plan and associated improvements will result in an expected total savings to the City of over $3 million in the first five years and approximately $14 million over 25 years. In addition, the EAP provided an important opportunity for the City of Dublin to implement measures that not only reduce energy consumption but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the community.

Energy Action Plan Improvements
Photovoltaic Electricity
Seven photovoltaic electricity producing (solar) installations have been installed as part of the EAP at the following locations: Civic Center; Library; Shannon Community Center; Senior Center; and all three Fire Stations. These installations will generate more than 700 kW of solar energy at all sites combined, and includes a display monitor at the Library to allow for public viewing of real-time tracking of production, savings and environmental benefits. The solar arrays are a combination of solar shade structures at the Civic Center, Library, Shannon Community Center, and Fire Stations 17 and 18, with roof mounted solar installations at the remaining facilities. Most importantly, the solar arrays will help power the diverse City operations underway within our facilities. In addition to the solar arrays, the City has upgraded its heating and cooling systems at the Civic Center and the Dublin Library with more efficient technology.

Lighting & Irrigation Changes
Another very important project component was the city-wide conversion of street lights. Over 3,100 fixtures have been retrofitted. Along our public streets, the high pressure sodium cobra head lamps were exchanged for energy efficient light emitting diode (“LED”) streetlights. This project benefits both our public safety responders as well as the public with improved lighting quality. The decorative fixtures, like those you see along the Village Parkway corridor, in the Dublin Ranch area, or in other locations throughout the City, have not been affected by this upgrade. Those items will be looked at in a future time when decorative light technology advances.

Interior lighting retrofits also occurred as part of the project. Encompassing all Fire Stations, Civic Center, Library, Senior Center, and Shannon Community Center, these retrofits have had an immediate effect in reducing electrical consumption of the City's facilities. The fixtures at all these locations were retrofitted with more energy efficient bulbs and ballasts. Motion sensors were also added.

The City also upgraded its watering systems within all of its parks with a centralized irrigation system that ensures that water is delivered to these locations only when needed, cutting the cost of maintaining the beautiful landscaping within our parks. Finally, City facilities have been retrofitted with low flow toilets and sinks, further saving the City money.

With the implementation of the Energy Action Plan, coupled with the many other environmental initiatives already undertaken by the City, Dublin has asserted itself as a leader in sustainability. This will lead into other environmentally responsible initiatives as Dublin continues to wisely manage resources while providing a high quality of life.