Construction & Demolition Services

The City of Dublin requires all construction and demolition (C & D) projects to recycle at least 65% of the waste for remodels or tenant improvements, and 75% of the waste for new construction generated on a job site, excluding asphalt and concrete debris, of which 100% must be recycled. The City's municipal code has specific procedures for complying with these requirements as contained in the instructions and forms listed below. For questions or additional information, please contact the Building Division at 925-833-6620.

Since 2005, Amador Valley Industries (AVI) has been the exclusive hauler for the City of Dublin for organics, recycling, and trash collection. Since July 2012, AVI has also been the exclusive service provider for construction and demolition debris collection. However, there are a few exceptions where a contractor may use their own dumpsters, but generally you must contract with AVI for your C&D dumpster. View the Municipal Code, Section 5.32.130.
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Please contact Environmental Services at 925-833-6650 for more information.

For all forms and information please view the Construction and Demolition Ordinance Info Packet.

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