Mission, Vision & Values

Ensuring the Prosperity & Well-Being of Our Community
The City Council adopted Dublin's Mission, Vision, and Values statements as part of the City's Strategic Plan. These statements are intended to serve as guidance for the City Council and commissions in their deliberations on various proposals presented to them, and to ensure that our developing community remains happy, healthy, and well-balanced. These statements were updated and modified in 2015.

Our Mission
The City of Dublin promotes and supports a high quality of life, ensures a safe and secure environment, and fosters new opportunities.

Our Vision
Dublin is a vibrant city committed to its citizens, natural resources, and cultural heritage. As Dublin grows, it will balance history with progress, to sustain an enlightened, economically balanced and diverse community.

Dublin is unified in its belief that an engaged and educated community encourages innovation in all aspects of City life, including programs to strengthen our economic vitality and preserve our natural surroundings through environmental stewardship and sustainability. Dublin is dedicated to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle through the creation of first-class recreational opportunities, facilities, and programs.

Our Values
  • Our Values in Building Community
    • Promote locations and events that bring people of all ages together.
    • Provide more venues for family-based activities.
    • Foster heritage and cultural development.
  • Our Values in Ensuring a Safe Community
    • Provide high quality police and fire services to insure the safety of the citizens living in the community.
    • Provide education and training to residents and businesses that would promote public safety.
  • Our Values in Guiding Development
    • Assure that development contributes positively to the City's fiscal health.
    • Support pedestrian-friendly development, transit-oriented development, green building, and environmental responsiveness.
    • Promote high quality design and architectural standards in private development and in all public facilities.
    • Develop transportation systems that facilitate ease of movement throughout the City.
  • Our Values in Governing
    • Commit to openness and responsiveness to the public and community.
    • Operate at all times with honesty and integrity.
    • Exercise fairness in consideration of issues.
    • Provide a high level of customer service and responsiveness from City staff to citizens.
    • Embrace technology to improve effectiveness and efficiency.
    • Strive to build an informed community through communication.
  • Our Values in Relating to Other Communities and Entities
    • Encourage collaboration and communication with other communities on issues of mutual concern.
    • Encourage public and private partnership of mutual benefit.
As part of the Dublin's long-term strategic planning process, the 
City Council developed a list of six strategies which would provide a focused framework for the City's allocation of resources over the next few years (updated in 2015):

  1. Assure the City's long-term financial sustainability.
  2. Implement the City's marketing and branding plan.
  3. Pursue initiatives to help strengthen and retain current businesses.
  4. Pursue initiatives that attract new office development and innovative businesses.
  5. Strengthen the identity and aesthetic appeal of the Downtown.
  6. Develop and/or offer distinct community recreational and cultural opportunities in the region.